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so umm.

It didn’t catch well. XD So now parts of my hair are purple and parts of my hair are still blonde aaaand you don’t really notice the purple? XD idk.


I really hope I spread it through my hair right.. 




GUYS. I got the lavender-hairdye (temporary one though).


DO IT!!! Then post pics! :)


GUYS. I got the lavender-hairdye (temporary one though).


Argh, I have been eyeing the Tea Leaf Fortune cards forever now. >_<
Brokeness sucks so badly >_<

Spread a Day Challenge: Day 8.

Hmm, this spread was very on point and truthfully, it is something I am highly aware of. Yet I find it hard to let this complaint go. When you want something so badly but don’t get it? How do you accept that?

What do I complain about too much?

My biggest issue in complaint is that I haven’t had that moment yet. That moment where everything falls into place and I understand everything I am and represent. That I know where I want to go and want to be. What purpose there is. While I do not really complain about this to others, I do give myself a hard time with this. 

How can I learn to complain less?
The Worlds.

Come on, Chan. Look around you. You have already come a long way. Look at all the things you did accomplish so far. This is what that card is telling me. I should look less at the things I do not have yet and more at what I do! It is time to start appreciating every step that I have made so far and give it recognition, because it is a big deal. Celebrating what I have, rather than sulking about what I don’t.

How can I learn to look at things more positively?
Ace of Spring.

I will need to trust that this new chapter in my life will ultimately lead me to that “Aha” moment. It’s a new path I’m walking and I can’t expect everything to just fall into place or in my lap. Trust that this fiery and new passion will guide me where I need to be. It will be a step by step process, but if I take experience and lessons from every step along the way: that is how I will be able to see the brightness in my journey.

And that…
Concludes day 8 on the Spread a Day Challenge.

Spread a Day Challenge: Day 7.

I really liked this spread, because it gave me some focal points for the whole day. What to do and what not do to. What to pay attention to and what I shouldn’t give a blink. Very useful.

What do I need to be aware of this morning?
Ten of Summer.

This morning there will be a very high sense of happyness within me and will give my day a great start. However, I need to keep an eye open for any disruptions. While it may be good that I’m feeling happy and fun, that doesn’t mean that everything is automatically okay. I must not mistake a happy mood for actual great wellbeing.

What do I need to be aware of this afternoon?
Three of Spring.

So much creativity, inspiration and ideas. There will definately be a major spark in creating things, but there will also be an urge to share this with others or doing something together. I must be aware that while I may feel this way, there may not be an opportunity this afternoon to actually do that bit of sharing. I shouldn’t let that hold me back though. Write down thoughts, ideas… and begin creating what you had in mind.

What do I need to be aware of this evening?
The Chariot.

Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise when looking at the afternoon. In the evenings I get very energetic and want to do a lot of things at once, moving forward swiftly. Often I lose control doing this. This is definately a big one to be aware of this evening. Take the ropes, decide on what you want to do for that evening and stick to that. Don’t race myself, for it may turn into an uncontrollable ride.

And that…
Concludes day 7 on the Spread a Day Challenge.

You can put me in a straightjacket,
but I will always wander off.
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