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Send in your requests!

I haven’t had the time to do readings all week, but this evening I will! 
I will get to readings I still have in my inbox, but anyone can send in a request if you would like to do so!

Remember that I don’t do future readings. I do not think the future is set in stone. It’s all up to you! So, I do not wish to read something that may or may not happen for you. Keep that in mind. 

General readings are one card and question based readings are three cards. 

Also, please remember that I am accepting donations for the readings that I do. Those are greatly appreciated and welcomed. They will all be saved up for future decks, crystals, books and whatnots that I use in my divination practice. When you send in your request, please keep this in mind.

So, send in your requests and I will be there to answer as much as I can this evening!


How many decks do you have?

Right now, I have 17 with two more underway. ^^


Tarot Tips 9/23/14: The colors in the tarot cards can have meanings as well. 


Ten of Coins by Molly Applejohn


When you think of a tarot reader, what comes to mind?

Maybe you’re visualizing gypsies in flowing dresses and turbans.

Your image might be of witches with black hats and cats (for the record, I do have a black cat but I’m not a witch).

Or you might assume we’re all hippie flower children…


We are a community of fortune tellers, scryers, psychics, tarot readers, lenormand lovers, divinatory healers, sooth sayers, mediums, seers, cartomancers, pendulum weavers, rune readers, bone throwers, bibliomancers and everything in between. No divination form or skill is left out or discriminated. Let us UNITE!